Simply pinpoint your unpaid invoices to get a cash advance

Stop waiting long periods of time for payment on each invoice. Use targeted invoice factoring or finance to get funding for your business. Start receiving cash advances on your unpaid invoices in days not months.

Targeted Invoice Financing
Fast & Easy Cash Flow For Your Business

A Must For Every Business Owner

What is one of the biggest problems that business owners - contractors, landscapers, freelancers, graphic designers, staffing agencies, manufacturers - face on nearly a daily basis?

The Need To Manage Cash Flow

This problem arises from the fact that your customers are used to receiving anywhere from 30-90 days to pay you.

While offering them credit or trade terms helped you close the sale, you’re now faced with having to figure out how to cover your expenses - pay rent or make payroll this month.

Receive a cash advance on individual or targeted invoices now in order to get your cash flow under control.

Targeted invoice factoring or finance is a relatively new loan product that allows you to receive a cash advance on a targeted or specific invoice. Targeted invoice finance solves the cash flow timing problem for most growing business owners because it returns control over your cash flow back to you. Rather than waiting 30-90 days for payment on each invoice, you can use targeted invoice factoring or finance to receive payment within 48 hour of delivery of your product or service.

Why Us?

Who Are We?

Targeted Invoice Finance is a much simpler and more flexible solution than the factoring or accounts receivable financing programs that have been offered in the past. A traditional factoring company would offer to purchase your invoices (or accounts receivables) for a discount of their face value. Alternatively, a bank might offer to provide an accounts receivable facility, which would provide the ability to advance against a pool of accounts receivables.  

Opening an account with an invoice financing company is fast and easy. Unlike traditional factoring companies, targeted accounts receivable financing companies securely connect to your company’s accounting software to determine the line of credit amount that’s right for your business.

Choose Your Advance Amount

Get Paid Instantly

Select the unpaid invoices that you want to fund. No need to mail or fax paper records. Your targeted invoice financing company can track your unpaid invoices automatically, through its connection to your accounting system.

Open An Account

Get Paid

Once you’ve determined your advance amount, your funds will be directly deposited into your bank account within 1 business day.

Why Choose Targeted Invoice Financing?

No Set-Up Fee

Automated Set-Up Process

Quick Approvals (< 24 hours)

Direct Deposit to Your Banking Account

Predictable Payment Amounts

Transparent Pricing

Your customers do not pay cash on delivery or with a credit card. Instead, you ship your product or provide your service and then invoice them with a due date that may be 30, 60 or even 90 days later. They are great customers, they always pay within the trade terms.

But your need to send an invoice and wait for payment is causing cash flow problems for your business. In order to deliver the product to your customer, you had to cover your fixed costs, (e.g., office overhead) and now you need to meet payroll. And to add stress to what should be a happy occasion, your sales team just landed a big account that requires more upfront payroll or inventory than the cash you have in the bank.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an advance against that invoice and still allow your customer to pay in 90 days?

Well you can - it’s by using targeted invoice factoring or invoice finance.  

We Get You!